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Re: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Chato wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

Walking Dead wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

I think Dave just peed himself.

It ain't the pee that I'm worried about, it's other other stuff that might come out, from either end.

Good point.

Maybe, an investment in Depends undergarments, or airsick bags might be a good idea.

In Dave's case, maybe just seal him up in a body bag.

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Defender of Truth, Justice, and the American Way

And you KNOW it punk.

Ha! Ha! HA! I would laugh my asss off while you cracked a rib trying to puff your chest out to look tough.  

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Rethink your last comment.

Yeah, who's this fvkc kidding when he's constantly posting pics of his squidly, decrepit old self!

I've seen hobos who look healthier & more presentable than that commie!

"There's no way to make everybody rich."

My uncle

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