What does the Airport Time Capsule 3TB actually do?

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Re: What does the Airport Time Capsule 3TB actually do?

Some added thoughts re: the 3TB Time Capsule

What is interesting and unique about the Time Capsule/TIme Machine is that it provides version control of past documents. If you made edits to an image and wish to go back to a version of a week ago, you can do that. Want to go back to edits made to a document a month ago, you can do that. Apple sells the Time Capsule in various sizes. The larger the drive chosen the longer you can go back in time to restore various files as the TM software will continue to add to the drive until it is full before removing the oldest files to make space for newer files. Sizing of this drive is really user specific and for some 3 TB is overkill and for others it is just barely enough for their retention goals. Another nice aspect of this approach is that it is completely transparent in operation. You don't need to remember to do anything.

That said, if you only have the one Mac, you can accomplish the same back-up by adding an external HD to your Mac. Apple provides Time Machine software that will do the back-up process in the same seamless manner. You don't get the WiFi router with this but it sounds like you may already have that in your home. If your windows box was operating wirelessly then the Mac will be able to as well. THe new Apple WiFi router supports a faster standard "ac" but unless you have a new computer you won't see any improvement in speed fro the new standard.  I believe Apple's new MacBook Air is the only computer so far to have "ac" standard support.  Yet the new WiFi router offers future proof and is a solid performer using the B/G/N standards.  Your iPad will work with it wirelessly to also keep a back-up of it's contents in the cloud.

Now, as good as TimeCapsule/Time Machine is, it is not good enough to be your sole back-up, IMO. For a good back-up you need to get a copy off-site. If your home is broken into and your gear stolen you would lose everything. If you have a fire, flood or other natural disaster you may well lose everything. So a good back-up strategy requires an off-site back-up contingent.

For my needs, I use a combination of Time Capsule and I also have a pair of 1TB portable hard drives. I run a back-up program called Super Duper and make a bootable clone of my hard drive on one of these and then move it to a safety deposit box in a bank a few miles from my home. As I make significant changes to my data I run another back-up to the other portable HD and then I swap the drives at the bank. This way I maintain a relatively higher degree of certainty that my digital assets will not be lost.  I also wind up with my data three back-up devices so I have redundancy in case of hard drive failure.

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