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Try work more in SPP and do fine adjustments in something else. Remember highlite recovery is possible only under SPP all additional recoverable info which is still in RAW get lost when you save as TIF only part recovered in SPP get saved as tif or jpeg or whatever.

Erational wrote:

Having shot and processed RAW in SPP for a couple of months, I was shocked when I went back to in-camera JPEG shots. Compared to my Sigma DP 3M RAWs, the JPEGS are beautiful, with accurate color, deep blues, grass that is green instead of yellow, reds that are not blown-out, and blessed in-control highlights. Unfortunately, resolution is cameraphone-level with the straight-to-JPEG mode (Fine).

My efforts at altering the DP's TIFFs in DXO FilmPack 3 have resulted in a loss in resolution and a loss of that treasured 3-D-ness we enjoy so much from our Sigmas.

I want it all- the lovely, true-to-life color/tonal rendition of the in-camera JPEG engine and the resolution of the RAW output. I have tried all the in-camera color modes and mucking-about with the SPP color wheel/sliders et cetera- all to no avail. Has anyone out there cracked the code? What successful workflows out there will help me leave behind the yucky Sigma RAW native colors ?

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