FZ250 in a few weeks?

Started Aug 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
Einst Stein Contributing Member • Posts: 791
Re: FZ250 in a few weeks?

It's no brainer that Nex has much larger sensor. It's 2X of Lumix G and probably 10x of FZ200. But it's IQ does not show the advantage in the combination of Sony's kit lens. With Zeiss prime lens? may be.

I was actually very very surprised that with the lens combination, Sony's kit lens does not give me the IQ of G5 + Lumix 14-42mm or 45-150mm nor FZ200, under the normal lighting. Under very very lowlight, I'd say Nex is still better than G5, and G5 is better than FZ200, but that's not my typical usage. I didn't try Nex with Zeiss prime lens. I believe it should be better, and that could make Nex really shines. Again, that's not likely to be the typical usage for the Nex users.

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