RX100 Aperture Priority - shutter defaults to 1/30

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Re: RX100 Aperture Priority - shutter defaults to 1/30

I recently got the RX100-II and started to notice that a lot of my indoor low-light photos were blurry - then I found this thread, and now I understand why. The SteadyShot feature seems almost completely ineffective, and the auto modes all default to 1/30. Taken together this makes the camera really bad for handheld shots, especially at night. I get blurry shots even when my hands are steady, and whenever there is movement in the frame. What a shame!

As someone who likes to take HDR shots, I'm also frustrated by the limited AEB range and not being able to use it with self timer. The inability to save the RAW frame(s) when using auto HDR or other effects is also annoying. I expected a lot more for a $750 camera. It sounds like Sony probably will never update the firmware to fix these shortcomings, so I'll probably be returning the camera to buydig.com and avoiding Sony cameras in future.

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