On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Over $1300 is justfiable!

dave gaines wrote:

stimmer wrote:

Olympus is about to find out how much camera enthusiasts are willing to pay for it's m4/3 system with m4/3 lenses.

The whole point is a "pro" camera - that is presumably one that is ruggedized, weatherproofed, with a durable shutter and controls that effectively focuses FT lenses as well as mFT ones.  It is difficult to put an exact value on those first features because Pentax also does a credible job of competing in these areas for which you usually end up paying $5k or more to Nikon and Canon (for cameras that carry these qualities further, but nevertheless tend to show that the E1,3, and 5 - and some Pentaxes are relative bargains in this regard).

Watanabe, especially, emphasized that the OM-D was *not* the pro body that Olympus is working on to such an extent - even going so far as to minimize the "pro" qualities of the OMD  - that we clearly should not be basing the pricing for such a new camera on either the OMD or its brethren.

My guess is that the price will be $1700-1800, with the bite of such figures being ameliorated with a rebate or two and or included (adapter) or bargains on kit items such as a new top lens or handgrip. My hope is that it will be worth it, and . evenmore, that it will be recognized as worth its price.

I just turned officially "senior" and one life lesson I've learned over and over is that it is often better to accept the short-term pain of paying a little more in order to enjoy the long term pleasure of using a quality product.  I'd rather see Olympus making the best camera they can, than trimming parts and assembly, QC and warranty/support coverage costs down to achieve an arbitrary price point.

It is well to remember that the E-1 that has become such a legend here - and that still works well for may of us - was originally designed, and presumably manufactured to sell for a price over twice the $1300 some are arguing for.  That is why it still works so well.

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