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Re: (Galaxy S4/iPhone 5) vs (Nokia 808, 1020)

Si14 wrote:

I checked some video samples and it shows the advantage of the Nokia ones over Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5.

Here is a comparison of Nokia Lumia 920 (which is even older than 808/1020) vs iPhone 5:


This one compares the above Nokia one with Galaxy S3:


The difference and image quality is significantly higher in the Nokia one. I assume Nokie 808 and 1020 are even higher than the Nokia 920 which is shown above.

I have two question from the people having 808 or 1020:

1- How is the battery life? If you capture video and shoot image, how the battery consumption changes?

2- Does Nokia 808 have optical image stabilization similar to 920 and 1020?

3- Is Nokia 808 or 1020 capable of:

-creating HDR (without post processing)?


-time lapse?

HDR time lapse? (Something similar to the following):


Just get either the Nokia Pureview 808 or this Lumia 1020 and be done with it if you want the highest IQ from a smartphone. No other smartphones compare to these two flagships. Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes close in good light, but in low light, the 808 and 1020 destroy every single smartphone in the market in sheer clarity, detail and noise. The difference in IQ is so tangible that it's not even funny.

And the constant mention on the importance of available apps in the iPhone in tweaking the photos. For me, I couldn't care less about apps. The pictures that i snap with the 808 are all beautiful out from the camera. No fancy apps required.

Battery life of the 808 is average. About 1 day with moderate picture-snapping activity and web surfing. The battery power gets consumed much quicker if the navigation software is in use to get you to an unfamiliar place.

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