D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking'

Hi Jussi,

I know it is a bit late to reply, but after experiencing the same issue as you. I am wondering what conclusion you came up to. My brand new D7100 shows those streaks especially between ISO 400-650, but less so at 800. It is only clear in dark areas.

I contacted Nikon support, but they advised me to take it to the service center for an inspection. Naturally I am reluctant to have anyone touch my new camera especially that a friend had his flash shoe broken while they were fixing the electronics.

At some point I looked at the sensor and noticed that same pattern on the sensor, but I looked at it another time and it was not there... weird. This bothers me a lot especially that my previous D60 did not have this. In fact generally speaking it took better pictures in low light.



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