GX 7 Design Flaw?

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Re: GX 7 Design Flaw?

Before you call it a flaw, you should check if your way of usage is reasonable.

I think that's the point you didn't get from the other posters.

Back to the film era, i used to think Rollei 35 (yes, that lovely little precious jewel) had a flaw in its hot shoe. It's at the bottom of the camera, not the top.

One day I saw an apparently expert photographer shooting a Contax P&S with flash up side down. I asked why, he told me for such a small camera, for traveling, it's more than usual that the sun light created a harsh shadow under the nose etc., he found to shoot the fill flash bottom up worked much better for him. And he told me that's why my Rollei 35 was designed that way. He added, however, people should not stick to one way of usage. It's tool.

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