On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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I hope I'm not misreading your post here, but Olympus needs to go after the 'pro' market, because the enthusiast market will follow.

Right now most pros are still shooting DSLR's because: 1. They are heavily invested in those systems 2. Just like most of the posters on this forum, they have been brainwashed to think they need large sensor DSLR's to get the quality they need 3. They are simply uneducated regarding the capabilities and image quality of mirrorless camera systems -- especially the Micro Four Thirds System.

As of 2010 the Bureau of Labor Statistics figures showed that 63% of all professional photographers are self employed -- the other 37% being photojournalists, corporate staff photographers, government staff photographers, etc.

Of that 63% of self employed pro photographers the vast majority are wedding/portrait/event photographers, who (trust me on this) hate having to drag around tons of DSLR gear (think back-up equipment also) to every shoot.

Once those photographers take a chance and wade into the water of a pro-quality E-Mx, they will soon find themselves asking why they need the clunky DSLR. The m4/3's system is totally capable of producing professional results in wedding, portrait, and event photography -- and it won't be long before many PJ's see the light.

There will always be a need for very high end, high resolution cameras, but the bulk of professional just don't need that kind of output.

I believe that Olympus and Panasonic both need to get serious about marketing to pros. I know much is made of the pro support offered by Canon and Nikon, but honestly I have never known any pros who have really had to rely on it, other than the occasional local rental -- they have back up equipment. Add to that the on-line rental services such as "Borrow Lenses" that offer overnight shipping of m4/3's cameras and lenses, and the pro support is available if really needed.

I am looking forward to the upcoming OMD model with great anticipation, but then I've already made the switch -- my 4/3's gear is mostly sitting idle in my equipment closet.

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