If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

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Re: Nothing at all.

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I doubt the market is minscule. DSLRs and FF DSLR sales were one of the brighter spots in camera sales this year so far.

Thats because there are a lot more DSLR sales period, and because Nikon and Canon dominate the market.

But APSC DSLRs outsell FF ones by a large margin and are more profitable. Nikon and Canon really pushed the margins with the 6D and D600.

There are a lot of Nex owners, much more than X cameras (no doubt due to marketing, the "Sony" brand which inspires confidence).

Any any effect this will have on Fuji has already happened. An FF NEX will still probably have the same handling and lack of decent lenses.

Not everyone likes lugging a large and heavy DSLR/lens around and smaller but same performance would be appealling to many if at a reasonably price.

Reasonable price? Cameras over $2000 are a tiny percentage of the market.

I can see a lot of current Nex 7 owners upgrading and a number of Canikon FF DSLR owners seriously considering one. Profitable? Look at long term trends. Aptina CEO says larger sensors are the trend for the future. DSLRs may even make a foray into medium format and mirrorless tend to dominate FF is a possible future scenario.

Aptina is talking about large sensors in compact cameras, not FF sensors.

Sony FF NEX will take sales from Canon and Nikon, Alpha and NEX APSC.

Why would they take sales from Fuji? Fuji X will always be smaller and cheaper than NEX FF, and most owners already have (or had) a FF camera.

Fuji Xpro2 will have a 24MP sensor and on-chip CDAF, the same great lenses we have now. Its competing in the APSC space where the volume sales are.

If Fuji divert resources into a FF product and lenses which sell in 10% of the quantity and lower margin, they are not thinking straight.

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