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Re: ZR1000 more stuff....

Since the last post I did dig out the ZR1000 again to play with, maybe was a bit wrong about some differences, so I will need to use it for a while to get used to it.

The problem is that we are so used to the ZR100/200 menus and operation that the different ways of the ZR1000 add to the awkwardness, if I use the ZR1000 for a while and ignore the ZR200 it may improve.

First up side by side the ZR1000 weighs 60 grams more than the ZR200, it does feel a bit heavy for a small compact when so used to the ZR200. It is also fatter front to back when off, so needs a bulkier belt pouch than the ZR200. We never use pockets for pocket sized cameras, that's the sure way to damage them. Luckily all the same NP-130 batteries all through ZR100/200/1000 so the one charger that came with the ZR100 fits all. The later cameras use charging via USB, which I do not like.

The HDR feature of both cameras needs to be used a lot when travelling in shadow/sunlight backstreets etc so we seemed to find that the HDR of the ZR200 did a better job than the ZR1000 though I'll need to revisit that and try all the ZR1000 settings for HDR.

I did mention the video button, for the ZR200 it falls to thumb easily on the back, the ZR1000 has moved it to the top where my wife finds it awkward. Trying it again I think I like it there as then I can use my forefinger for shutter button or move back to the video button with the same finger, for me it works but with her it obviously doesn't. Different sized hands may be the answer.

More sensible replies/comparisons may emerge after I have used it for a few days.

Regards..... Guy

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