Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Last word..

Leandros S wrote:

The lenses work fine on Nikon, Pentax as you say you would have to crop down the image to make it presentable.

You're failing to get the bigger point here, which is that if your intention is to shoot full frame, owning crop lenses makes no sense. I don't expect you to get this so it's over and out from me.

Let me quote myself.

"The problem with Pentax is 2 things, first, no path to FF."

You said

"That is such patent BS"

I was saying that there was no Pentax FF camera. That is not BS it is true, there are only rumors. Then you started talking about lenses.

If you buy FF lenses for your APS-c body, you can use them on FF. If you buy aps-c lenses for nikon, they will work on FF nikon.

Either way there is a migration path to FF that Pentax does not have.

Again, this discussion is based on why Pentax is not a main stream selling camera.

No migration path to FF is one possibilities, there are several others as to why pentax is not a major player.

Over and out

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