If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

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Re: Nothing at all.

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Look at long term trends. Aptina CEO says larger sensors are the trend for the future. DSLRs may even make a foray into medium format and mirrorless tend to dominate FF is a possible future scenario.

Uhhh, the quote I saw from the Aptina CEO referred to 1" sensors as "large" sensors and was talking about moving the compact and P&S market up to 1" sensors.  This may have been as much of a self serving promotion (promoting their own 1" sensors) as an actual trend based on market data (hard to know).  I didn't seen any Aptina reference to FF sensors.

Certainly as costs come down, more price/functionality points become candidates for a FF sensor. But, FF sensors still cost significantly more than APS-C sensors so the customer has to be willing to pay more for the larger sensor's performance than an equivalent system with a smaller sensor in it or accept other feature compromises.  For example, the Nikon D7100 APS-C camera has better features than the Nikon FF D600 (D7100 has a much better AF system), but costs only about 1/2. So, in that case, you have to decide what you want to pay for.  Is the FF of the D600 and the $800 higher price more important to you than the AF of the D7100 with $800 more to invest in lenses.  Similarly, FF lenses may also be more expensive.

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