My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Pictures of Filters cut for Pany 7-14mm and Wratten Filter Source?

No worries about filter pictures at this point other than it makes your thread more complete.  I understand the process from here and will ask more questions if needed when Pany parts and Wratten filters are in hand.  I am curious before ordering filters though as to the finished diameter +- a few mm.  I'll need to order several NDs to get "black glass" effect and could predict how many filters are avialable in a 75x75mm sheet with your rough finished filter diameter.  Sort of hinted at in the thread but not a diameter mentioned.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Panasonic tech support trying to find out if a filter holder was in the works specifically for the 7-14mm with no word either way.  What I did find is that the VXQ1911 (Pany M4/3 Fisheye filter holder) is back in

Finding Wratten 2A and 2E filters is another matter.  I have yet to locate them.  Tiffen was even out of stock, and they're the main distributor to Edmunds Optics who does not stock 2a or 2E.  Edmunds can supply Kodak Wratten 87C and a variety of pliable NDs although not in the high numbers.  I need to hit a ND thread that compares different manufacturer's ND #s to figure out what Edmunds is carrying because it isn't Kodak, which supplys curves on their sight.  I may go to Kodak direct for the Wratten 2A/E; and, if they'll sell that to me, just buy all the filters from them.  Anyone reading this please feel free to make supplier recommendations and ND cross reference urls if known.

Anyone wondering why I want a 2E: it is to try and shoot closer into the sun or light sources in general. (Let me know if this swing and a miss thinking.)  I take a lot of outdoor adventure pictures and don't have the luxury of staging people or animals relative to landscapes and light sources.  White flare I can handle and sometimes use creatively, purple flare, no way.  The 87C is for getting deep-IR raw shots using a LifePixel modified Oly E-PL5 with Superblue filter.  I love the Pany fisheye and 7-14mm for generating interesting angles and close up bizarre shots that ultra-wides make possible in any color.   Again thanks Anders for this thread and sharing all your insight.  May the light always be with you...

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