EOS-M: Accidental Andromeda Galaxy Photograph (PIC)

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Marco Nero
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EOS-M: Accidental Andromeda Galaxy Photograph (PIC)

EOS-M:  ANDROMEDA - just a few hours ago. EF-24mm f/1.4L Lens

I was trying to photograph the Perseid Meteor Shower tonight.  After driving into the mountains in a few hours ago....kind of on a whim, it got very cold (and I'm nursing my feet after an incident with a car recently) so I decided to slum it a little.  I sat in my vehicle and set the tripod outside the window by the side of the road and just started to shoot areas of the sky that might offer a spectacular meteorite/debris.  This enabled me to sit in the heated vehicle and just snap shot out he window randomly.  Unfortunately, those shooting stars were falling everywhere that my lens wasn't pointed towards.  I accidentally photographed the Andromeda Galaxy whilst panning the horizon to the North East (I'm in Australia) with my EF 24mm lens.

I got out of the car and set up my tripod properly across the road from where I was parked.  I realigned my lens and focused a little better to take this shot (above).  Was on my bucket list so I was pretty happy to snap this galaxy.  Was intending to use a much stronger lens to photograph Andromeda on a future date but I was shooting for "falling stars" tonight so I left my larger lenses at home and bought the 24mm instead.

CREEPY:  As I turned my headlights on and drove away from this extremely secluded spot, I had to do a U-Turn in front of where I had been shooting the Galaxy from so I could drive back home.  As my headlights panned across the ditch by the side of the road, I saw a distinct figure standing about 30 feet from where I had been standing.  Put my hair on end to know that this figure/person/scarecrow? was facing me on the other side of the tall grass where I was standing - with it's mouth open.  No idea who or what it was but there was no chance of me turning about to get a second look. Perhaps it was a farmer with a sense of humor?  I have no doubt I saw something but it's anyone's guess as to what it was since the eyes play tricks on you in the near-dark.

It's now 5:50am and I need sleep.  Pretty sure the EF-M 22mm f/2.0 lens would have no trouble getting the same shots... for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere who might want to try.

Here's a shot of part of the Milky Way from across the street from where I was first set up this evening.  The glow was very intense up in the mountain air.  I'm tempted to work on it to enhance it further but I don't want to overdo it so this is where I'll leave it.  As the Milky Way dipped below the horizon, Andromeda was popping up briefly so i was lucky.  I took the time to test the G1X with the Milky Way as well.  Will post something more tomorrow if I ever get to bed.  Cheers!

EOS-M: Milky Way - earlier in the evening. I usually set my WB to 'Tungsten' for Star Shots.

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