Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: Crop mode does not give you full frame

Leandros S wrote:

Yes, I know about crop mode, and I could make the same argument about Pentax - just shoot and crop back later - there's not going to be a new mount, it will all still be K mount, so all current lenses will fit. The amount of vignetting will vary. If your argument is about full frame, stop mentioning crop mode. If you're going to use crop mode, stick with a cheaper crop mode (APS-C) body.

I am sorry you don't understand the Nikon mount, DX and FX all mount to the FX or full frame camera. All the lenses fit.

"just shoot and crop back later"

You don't have to do that with Nikon and it is a downside to Pentax. You can shoot the picture and print it. That is why the mount works and the sensor works. On the D800 in crop mode, a DX lens produces a 15mp image which is good enough for most people.

The lenses work fine on Nikon, Pentax as you say you would have to crop down the image to make it presentable.

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