E-Photozine High ISO GX7 vs OMD

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Are the OM-D's JPEGS from Pre-production firmware?

MT wrote:

I do not have a Raw converter so I am looking at the high iso jpegs.

I compared the reposted (manual color balance)3200 and 25600 iso shots of the GX7 and the OMD and the OMD seem noticeable better to me in terms of resolutions (edges of the black text) and less blooming in the extreme high iso of 25600 on the color squares. I admit I'm not professional and would love to hear others' comments. Also comments on RAW for those of you who process RAW.



Because the ones from the GX7 certainly are. I wouldn't put too much stock in any of these images for determining the final IQ of the camera until they are using production firmware. Anything prior to that ought to be considered a worst case scenario - as you really don't know how much better the production images are going to be.

I might add that the situation with respect to RAW images at this early date is even worse, because the only RAW converters that currently work with GX7 files are hacked ones who's support for the GX7 currently is, at best, incomplete, and certainly not tuned to extract the most quality from the GX7 files.

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