Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Non sequitur

REShultz wrote:

I've read numerous times in the past few days that smaller DSLRs are the future because they 1) are some of the best performers and 2) have low entry prices.

We've never, at least in my lifetime, had one kind of camera, so it's unreasonable to think that any type of camera is "the future".  (I suppose it's entirely reasonable to say that cell phone cameras are the future in the sense that the vast majority of photos will be taken with them; they're already the present and that's not going to change ... but when looking at DSLRs and competing cameras, we're looking at a segment of the market that's always been in the minority - consumers were shooting Instamatics and 110 and disposables and 35mm point & shoots in years gone by).

This setup seems like a perfect compromise. If it isn't selling, that suggests that there really are two markets out there-- one for DSLRs and one for mirrorless--

The low sales figures for one particular camera suggests no such thing. I haven't read through this thread, but I'm willing to bet that by now, people have come up with dozens of reasons why Pentax cameras do not sell well.

and that we might want to stop prognosticating the end of either system.

Well, that's a good idea simply because there are millions of camera buyers out there with different budets, priorities and needs, and no one type of camera is "the future". Not full frame, not micro 4/3, not the iPhone. They all have the potential to thrive and most of them will, along with some things we haven't seen yet. I imagine even the doom & gloomers & fan boys know this, but are so used to reading Ken Rockwell that they can't help but express themselves in gross generalizations !

- Dennis

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