If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

Started Aug 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
JackM Veteran Member • Posts: 8,444
It would have to be a very Un-Sony Sony.

That is, it would have to be designed more like a traditional camera, and not so much like a futuristic gadget/appliance like the NEXs.

But this is not beyond the realm of possibility - the RX1 is halfway there with its proper aperture ring. It's still missing a shutter speed dial and OVF though.

Even so, it would surely cost at least $2000 for the body only, so it wouldn't really be in the same market. And using Alpha mount lenses will be a size and weight disadvantage.

Fuji will not be making a FF mirrorless any time in the foreseeable future.  The X-system is their top-shelf offering and that is that.  They will not do anything to dilute its market or distract from it.

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