When was the last time anyone print your pictures?

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Re: When was the last time anyone print your pictures?

"Anyone"? I printed some last night. Before that, someone printed a half dozen of my images last wednesday, not sure who, but my cut of it was about $40 after the hosting site took their share. "Anyone" prints my pictures fairly often.

When I shoot an event I take between 2 and 5 of those little 20 picture 4x6 books with me. I let people look at them at the event and hand out cards or club flyers, which also have my pictures printed on them. Can't do that with digital versions. I could show them on an ipad or something, and that works if you are a wedding shooter at a wedding show, but I shoot MMA at county fairs and in gyms. I love the people I shoot, but there are people at the event who would love a free ipad. My big book of photos has never been taken, and I really don't mind it when someone doesn't return one of the small ones every now and then.  When someone expresses a casual interest in my photography, they don't want to sit down at a calibrated monitor and get flooded with the thousands of images on my website. When I can hand them a book with 20 or so images that fit what I am guesisng their interest is, then they want to look at my work. My print albums are constantly updated, with new "best shots" going in all the time. My on-line albums get published and forgotten. Updating my website is making that painfully clear to me. Limits really help focus my efforts. If I can put umlimited images on my website, I end up with way to many, ordered by when I shot them. If I can put 20 in a book, I have 20 images that share a theme, that are my best work on that theme, over time.

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