On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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How is it "positively cheap"

Haider wrote:

Positively cheap compared to a D800/7D/A99 no where near the price tag of a 1D/D3/D4.

How is $1,500 USD "positively cheap" compared to a 7D? The 7D is $1499 USD right now. The D800 and A99 are more expensive but those are FF cameras. And the 1D/D3/D4 are pro cameras that again, are FF.

They're gonna cleanup;) No pro cameras from Oly. E-x/EM-x range is pro-am model. Nothing wrong with selling to enthusiats as they are a bigger market than the pro market and some are even better photographers to boot. I doubt the market place is ready for a D800/7D/A99 class/price tag OM-D. . Having a step up model at £1500 makes sense as half-way house to capture the mind whilst the milc market is forming but do Oly have the cash for the camera and marketing to use as a marketing/halo product for their milc line. I still think the E-7 is coming also a E-720. DSLRs aren't going away as fast Oly hoped. Might as well make some cash out of that too. As rich gitlfriend once said only reason a business goes bust is 'cause daddy's run out of money:-)

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