On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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'Pro' seems a bit farfetched

A prime reason that C/N own the 'pro' market is their worldwide service organization. It's simply not cost effective to try to match that. Concede the PJ market to C/N, it would cost too much.

OTOH, the OMD is so small that you can bring at least two of them in the same space it takes to store a single pro grade DSLR body. And let's not even get into the size of the glass.

I don't see what this fuss about 'pro' is for, unless one is a pro-wannabe. Even with film, the most beautiful shots tended to come through the glass of 'not quite pro' companies that specialized in very fine optics: Leica, Pentax, Olympus.

I'd no more replace my current setup with a 'pro' outfit than I'd trade my Ford F350 in on a Peterbilt tractor trailer. Don't need what it's the best at, and would miss what it's not good at, especially come time to park the sucker.

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