When was the last time anyone print your pictures?

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Re: What is a purpose of printing?

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

I printed last time, maybe, 18 month ago. I give some files of my doughtier to grandparents on a thumb drive to print at BJs from time to time. Their generation prefers tangible prints, but those are 5"x7"s.

Older people like printed photos they can pass around - at church, at their clubs or whatever.

Still there is a difference between viewing on screen and viewing good-sized prints (properly printed, not off some laser printer). I have a portfolio of my best photos printed on 13x19 and it is a heck of a lot more impressive to view (and easy to pass around / share at gatherings) than just flashing photos on a computer screen.

Most of my photos never get printed, but the best ones do and my portfolio is a lot more impressive to flip through than just looking at a display screen. No display can equal the quality of a well-printed photo. The closest I've seen is my iPad 4 Retina display and even that hasn't anywhere near the resolution of my printer.

In conclusion, printing is not dead yet, but with proliferation of different ways to display and share your work, printing became somewhat a hermetic art.

Very true, there are more ways to share around photos and I am still a firm believer in digital as the long-term storage media of choice. But prints DO have their value. I just don't want to have

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