Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Lots of EF lenses by comparison

Leandros S wrote:

Richard wrote:

The problem with Pentax is 2 things, first, no path to FF.

That is such patent BS. Take a look at a typical Canikon lens selection, work out how many of those lenses are DX or EF-S

Look at the previous post, all of those lenses are EF and fit both cameras. All my lenses except for the kit are FF lenses.

There are 11 EF-S  APS-C lenses on this page of 24. These are zoom lenses only


There is only 1 EFS lens on this page of 39 lenses all but one are EF primes that work with both cameras.


Then there are all the 3rd party lenses.

For Nikon, All DX lenses fit on FX cameras and the cameras will go into DX crop mode if desired.

Please understand, Pentax is not even in the same league.

. Those lenses will not see much use after a full frame transition,

Out of 63 lenses only 12 of Canon EF-S lenses will work on the FF camera. Most people like myself who think someday they may upgrade to a FF camera only buy EF lenses. I have only 2 Canon lenses that will not fit on FF, One was part of a kit and the other is a 11-16 2.8 Tokina which will fit but will only do FF at 17mm and do a circular fisheye at 11mm

same as any current Pentax DA lenses. When you're fully committed to full frame, you can sell those lenses. Because Pentax lenses don't get IS/VR upgrades every few years, they depreciate less. Bonus for Pentax.

If pentax did not have any bonuses, people would not buy this camera brand. Having in body IS is great, the bonus you don't get is that the lenses are still more expensive than the Canons, why is that?

Then work out how much the rest of your lenses have cost (Canikon) and work out what they might cost without IS (Pentax). Bonus for Pentax.

Again, as I said, from what I have seen Canon lenses with IS are often less expensive than the Pentax lenses.

The bottom line is, whether you switch from Pentax to another brand for full frame, or Pentax delivers a full frame with reasonable lens selection (remember you can supplement with Sigma lenses!), going with Pentax as your entry level is unlikely to lose you much money, end of story.

Sorry, you are incorrect. Nikon, all the DX lenses work on FX bodies. For Canon, there are only 11 EFS lenses that will not fit on Canon bodies out of 63 lenses depends on which ones you buy. Anyone that brings the thought of being interested in full frame into buying a system and or ise eventually moving to FF will only buy FF lenses or they will go Nikon. You will lose money on Pentax compared to Nikon and with Canon it depends if the person was even thinking about FF when they made their purchase. And still we are talking rumors, there is no Pentax FF for 35mm and if you move to medium format, there are only 4 lenses.

This is a huge downside for Pentax for a person considering a brand of camera. This is not a slam to Pentax, we know it is a smaller company and they do produce good cameras and lenses. I was answering the discussion as to why then is Pentax not mainstream and is a niche market. The reasons I have listed including lenses keep these cameras out of the hands of advanced enthusiasts moving to FF eventually, Pros and the masses, because if they do any research and are wanting the best system, the best system has the lenses like Canon has. Whether the consumer needs them or not.

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