Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

audiobomber wrote:

David Lawson wrote:

This may help, again it may not. However, it's why I went from Pentax to mirrorless

This is such a strange move. You left Pentax because not enough lenses, and no sophisticated flash system, and went with a brand that is weaker on both counts.

I used a Pentax K5 with Ltds (15, 21, 40, and 70) and yes it was a nice set up. However, the problems I had was the flash system and lenses.No progress with smaller, and more AF sites. No improved flash system and nothing to speak of in terms of lenses, unless you need an extreme telephoto.

There are several new lenses coming, as shown in the roadmap, and Pentax already has far more lenses than any mirrorless system; 109 lenses for Pentax vs. 8 for Fuji, according to this site. http://snapsort.com/compare/Fujifilm-X-E1-vs-Pentax-K-5-IIs

My solution was to go mirrorless and chose the Fuji X-E1 which I really like. The files out of the camera are so good I've more or less stopped using RAW. They sail through my on line agencies QC, my only pro work now, with the minimum of adjustments and some none at all. Which is all I ask for these days. The outfit is smaller than the Pentax, the flash, although not as sophisticated as Pentax's is acceptable and does the job I need it to. I don't require off camera control any more and I am not averse to cables. I'm convinced by the Fuji chip and their lenses and am looking forward to the X-Pro2, which is saying something, as I thought my wanting new cameras was a thing of the past, along with paid assignments.

The K-5 IIs is more than a match for a Fuji XE-1. Same resolution, similar sensor, each with its own boost to get beyond standard 16mp performance. When I compare Fuji X to K-5 IIs, I see more detail in the Pentax files. Fuji has less noise and less detail. The photos on this site show this well (replace NEX7 with K-5 IIs) http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x-e1/19

You are praising the XE-1 for its jpegs. I don't understand why you couldn't get the same or very similar look with Pentax. The jpeg menu has eight jpeg presets (image tones), each with unlimited combinations of contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc. If you can't get what you want out of this jpeg menu, you aren't really trying.

You like your Fuji better, that's understandable, people have preferences, but your reasons for switching are questionable. The only advantages i can see are smaller size, and an EVF. Even these are a matter of preference. I'll take an OVF every time, and small size is actually a disadvantage if you're using a larger lens and/or external flash. MILC is not an option for me, no AF-C and no fast or pro quality supertele lenses.

I'd guess it really depends what you want in terms of lens range, Pentax certainly has the advantage in zooms but Fuji is looking likely to build a considerable advantage in terms of fast primes.

Within a year your likely to have...

12mm f/2.8

14mm f/2.8

18mm f/2

22mm f/1.4

32mm f/1.8

35mm f/1.4

50mm f/1.4

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