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Re: GX7 Unboxing

There is something weird with unboxing. This is firs time I see Panasonic box with lens already attached to the camera. Did Panasonic try to shave off the box body cap and lens rear cap?

I just purchased a GF6 and mine came with the lens already attached, there was also no body cap or rear lens cap in the box. Although it did include the lens hood, which other manufacturers do not.

I will say, devil's advocate, that when I purchased my SLR kit and that came with a body cap/rear lens cap, I literally just screwed the rear lens cap into the body cap, and left them in the camera box indefinitely (they're still there now). When you buy an additional lens that comes with an additional rear lens cap which you then use on the lens you took off.

So while it could be considered irritating, Panasonic are "right" in that that body cap/rear lens cap is unneeded, as long as all of their individual lenses come with the rear lens cap included and that you never plan on reselling your camera "body only."

PS - I strongly suspect they did this to make it a little harder for people to split the kits and sell them separately at a profit. For example you could buy a GF6 for £300, then sell the lens "new" on eBay for £150, and the camera for £200 "body only." Make a nice tidy £50 profit.

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