Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

This may help, again it may not. However, it's why I went from Pentax to mirrorless

I used a Pentax K5 with Ltds (15, 21, 40, and 70) and yes it was a nice set up. However, the problems I had was the flash system and lenses. I had shot professionally on Nikon mainly for their flash set up so maybe it's not a fair comparison. Personally I think Nikon has, in my experience, the best flash system. As I was close to retirement and no longer needed a comprehensive outfit so I traded the Nikon one for a Pentax one and also gained a substantial cheque. I used the 50-150 to finish off a portrait contract I had, What I really wanted was a fixed 85mm lens but apart from trying to find an old f1.4 at a ridiculous price none were available still aren't. I also wanted a pro level 17-70 type zoom, which was promised but never appeared. I always had the sdm failure scenario in the back of my mind. It's ridiculous Pentax never got that sorted and if they now have it should have been done earlier. Screw driven lenses are not used by any other manufacturer as far as I'm aware. Pentax solution for their 18-135 sdm was, and I quote, "The DC motor found in the lens is based on the motors used for screwdrive autofocus in Pentax camera bodies, although it's obviously been modified to be quieter and to fit inside the lens." Way behind anything Canon, Nikon etc now has.

So what I'm saying is Pentax, possibly due to the fact it's been bought and sold over the last few years hasn't moved forward. The K5 was a breakthrough camera for them and they got a lot out of the sony chip at its heart. They still do and the K5 11s is a good camera but only a K5 without the AA filter and a few added tweaks. No progress with smaller, and more AF sites. No improved flash system and nothing to speak of in terms of lenses, unless you need an extreme telephoto.

My solution was to go mirrorless and chose the Fuji X-E1 which I really like. The files out of the camera are so good I've more or less stopped using RAW. They sail through my on line agencies QC, my only pro work now, with the minimum of adjustments and some none at all. Which is all I ask for these days. The outfit is smaller than the Pentax, the flash, although not as sophisticated as Pentax's is acceptable and does the job I need it to. I don't require off camera control any more and I am not averse to cables. I'm convinced by the Fuji chip and their lenses and am looking forward to the X-Pro2, which is saying something, as I thought my wanting new cameras was a thing of the past, along with paid assignments.


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