Paris in October, Which Lens?

Started Aug 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
nannyg Senior Member • Posts: 1,563
Re: Paris in October, Which Lens?

The 1650 is nicely compact, but I have not heard many other complimentary things said about it. Given that you want just one lens and (I'm guessing a little here) you seem to want to take touristy photos rather than street shots with a prime lens, you will want some zoom capability. So the 1650 makes some sense. I don't own one, but from what I've read, the larger 18-55 kit zoom has generally a bit better IQ (and doesn't have the annoying lag time when you turn on the camera). That's what I would use. But it makes no sense to have both of those, so you would have to consider selling the 16-50 if you went that way. Other single lenses like the 18-200's would give you even more flexibility and somewhat better IQ, perhaps, but would be much bulkier still.

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