Would you sell these lens to buy the 10-18mm lens?

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Re: Would you sell these lens to buy the 10-18mm lens?

I watch e-mount lenses on eBay a lot and I can tell you what they go for;

SEL16 - $130

SEL30 Macro - $180

Sigma30 (old) - $90

Sigma19 (old) - $90

SEL50 - $230

Fisheye converter - $110

UWA converter - $90

That's $920, but subtract 10% for ebay fees and 3% for paypal fees, and that's really $800. You CAN get the SEL1018 on eBay for about $750-770 if you are willing to buy used, but few are listed.

Personally, I would keep the SEL50 as a portrait lens. With those three, you would have all your bases covered. But if you are not into portraits, then you could do without that, too.

I happen to have the SEL1018 that I might consider selling. I've been agonizing over that decision for a while now. I might sell it via paypal for $775 with Hoya UV and CPL filters included. I also might take $600 + your SEL30 lens if it's in good condition. Something to think about, anyway...

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