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Re: Yes - You Can with a Different Size Sensor

dsjtecserv wrote:

Ron AKA wrote:

Depth of field is controlled by the aperture size, focal length, distance to the subject, and by the sensor size. All other things being equal depth of field increases as you reduce sensor size. See this DOF Calculator to see how it works.

An example would be a Panasonic LX7 which has a F/1.4 lens and a small sensor. It will have a larger depth of field than a full frame sensor and a F/1.4 lens.

So No, not by just changing the lens. But if you change the sensor then you can increase DOF.

You're missing the fact that you have NOT held "all other things equal." If you change sensor size, the the ONLY thing you change in the calculation is the CoC. And if the ONLY thing you change is the CoC, then depth of field indicated will be less for the smaller sensor. In the comparison you gave, the CoC for an LX7 would be about 0.006, compared to 0.030 for a full frame camera. Keeping the aperture, focal length and subject distance the same (let's say f/2.8, 17 mm and 10 feet, respectively, the LX7 would have a total DoF of about 3.6 feet; whereas the full frame will have a total depth of field of about 85 feet. Smaller sensors, by themselves lead to less depth of field.

Now, ff you attempt to maintain the same framing with different sensor formats, you will have to change either the focal length or the subject distance. It is the change in focal length or subject distance that drives greater depth of field for smaller sensor cameras. If you don't change either of those factors, depth of field will be less.


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So . what is the DOF when the a Cell Phone is aimed at the Milky Way Galaxy in millimeters ?

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