Flat lens - is this the breakthrough it seems to be?

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Re: Flat lens - is this the breakthrough it seems to be?

meanwhile wrote:

Could this be the product to finally disproves the whole "you can't beat physics" argument to lenses needing to be a particular size?


First you really can't beat physics. What you can do is understand it better and use it differently to come up with a newer and better technology.

Secondly this is not a consumer imaging breakthrough (certainly not yet). It has to be tuned per wavelength. That to me implies chromatic abberation would either be horrible or the effect would potentially make it unusable for a multi-wavelength image...I don't know enough about it to know whether it can eventually be used in a consumer camera.

Thirdly all this sounds suspiciously like a "nano" version of a fresnel lens with a very very large number of microscopic ridges. However the mechanism for delaying/bending light may be different. On a Fresnel lens you compromise sharpness.


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