G1X maximum shutter speed question . . .

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Re: G1X maximum shutter speed question . . .

Hi again Mike,

I checked out the specs in the "Getting started" paper manual and the full pdf manual and neither refers to an interrelationship between shutter speed and aperture. I also checked out my G1X and it operates exactly as yours does. (So did another poster's camera here). You'll probably also have noticed that the maximum shutter speed changes as you zoom the lens at maximum aperture because the maximum aperture changes with FL. I'm a low ISO shooter and had never seen this before - I'm always using much slower speeds.

This actually strikes me as 'normal'. If you read (deeply into) the reviews and specs of other digital leaf shuttered cameras, eg Ricoh GR, Fuji X100S, you'll see that they too have mechanical limitations on maximum shutter speed that are dependent on aperture. It may be managed by programming - but it's actually due to the way leaf shutters operate. To offer faster shutter speeds, the blades have to move faster to provide the full shutter opening and close again. For a given maximum blade speed, a shutter speed is eventually reached where the mechanism cannot achieve this at maximum and near-maximum apertures. In electronic cameras like the G1X, instead of limiting us to the fastest speed that will operate at all apertures, the manufacturers let us have the higher speeds for small apertures, but limit the settings for wider apertures. (If you look at the mechanical leaf shutters on view camera lenses they are usually limited to 1/500 for small shutters and still slower speeds for larger shutters).

Yes, Canon should have described this in the specs and manual. I know 1/4000 would have been nice but I wouldn't worry about it unless you specifically bought the G1X expecting and needing to have 1/4000 and flash sync at every aperture and FL. In which case you're not going to get it. For that you'd need to be looking a quite a different camera and flash system. (And remember that flash sync is limited to 1/2000 anyway, if the aperture will allow that speed. (Slower if it won't).

Cheers, Rod

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