G1X maximum shutter speed question . . .

Started Aug 10, 2013 | Questions thread
John Kirby
John Kirby Junior Member • Posts: 26
Re: G1X maximum shutter speed question . . .


It would appear that the maximum speed available decreases as the aperture  increases in size.

I get the same as you, 1/4000 needs f11 or above. f8 maxes at 1/3200, f5.6 at 1/2500, f4 at 1/2000, and f2.8 at 1/1600. These figures apply in M mode. In Tv, whilst 1/4000 displays as an option, a half press on the shutter reveals f11 as the aperture it will shoot at; this appears in orange if it's not the correct exposure. Similarly, entering the other shutter speeds above results in a "pairing" with the same apertures as above.

As Rod suggested, maybe it has something to do with physical limitations in the way the whole shutter system must operate. Perhaps someone with a more technical knowledge can elaborate.

Or someone else will chime in and tell us we've some obscure override set incorrectly, but I don't think so!


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