Advice of changing SLR platforms from Nikon to Canon

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Re: Advice of changing SLR platforms from Nikon to Canon

Sikander wrote:

The features I use most frequently are spot metering coupled to the focus point in manual mode

this doesnt work the same for canon and nikon

imo, nikon does it the right way. also, exposure comp in manual with auto ISO isnt the same either. exposure comp with flash is different as well. then you have the whole "warm vs golden" debate. switching from canon to nikon is obviously possible. but it is a HUGE adjustment if you are aware of these issues. the only worthwhile reason to switch in my mind is the 1.2 primes and the 135mm f/2. espec considering the d800 is currently unanswered.

i am a 35mm person, so the 50mm/1.2 isnt that bigger of a deal to me. also the nikkor 85mm/1.4g is sharper at 1.4 than the canon 85mm/1.2. the canon 135mm f/2 destroys the nikkor DC as far as a workhorse lens, but then again if i am pumping out tele shots at a wedding, im using a 70-200vr2. i also shoot a d800e, so there you go. i keep a eos m with a 22mm on my hip in a pouch pretty much 24/7, even at weddings. yes the AF takes discipline, but its SUCH a small camera and you get sharp f/2 with 35mm equiv. love it! i also own a coolpix A and ive owned and returned the fuji x100s (its just too soft at f/2).

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