"Where’s the global warming?"

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Re: The oil insdustry found it/proved it!

Ozark Hellbender wrote:

JamesMortimer wrote:

RedSkiesAtNight wrote:

Studies by the oil industry proved it...

After giving nearly $61.5 million since 1997 to groups to denying climate change, the studies found that global warming is real and humans are to blame. Does this guy get your keep your money?


Funny how a few ACC deniers changing their mind is important and noteworthy.. but the ACC blinkered just ignore the masses of scientists who have turned away from ACC..

And, yes, I could list and post their comments if you wished (which I doubt, except maybe to attempt to ridicule).

Just look at the latest best evidence consensual science. Anyone can change their mind

Of course "anyone can change their mind".

I wasn't referring to the "mind changers", but just how the ACC myth-makers and believers downplay their brethren how change their minds.. but beat-up any story of an ACC "heretic" who changes their mind.

The essence of propaganda.

and when science needs propaganda then it becomes scam-science.

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