RX100: How to turn off LCD display?

Started Dec 31, 2012 | Questions thread
Texas Jack Vermillion New Member • Posts: 1
Re: RX100: How to turn off LCD display?

I had the same question as the OP.

I really don't understand the moronic and juvenile answers here from other users.

I bought this camera primarily for street photography. The fact that I can't turn the LCD off has me contemplating returning the camera.

I have considered (before seeing it mentioned here) putting tape over the back. However, that still doesn't stop the camera from draining the battery while I am on the street working. Not to mention the difficulty in making adjustments to meet different situations as they arise.

I sold a Ricoh IV (and bought the Sony) because I couldn't deal with the wide-angle prime on the Ricoh.

HOWEVER, the Ricoh (which also does not have a view finder) does have a menu option that allows the user to turn off the LCD.

Enjoy your juvenilia, but the inability to turn off the LCD makes this camera very frustrating to use for the primary purpose for which I bought it.

There's good reasons why Ricoh is the top camera for street photography. One being the ability to freeze settings when you power down the camera and the other being the ability to turn off the screen while keeping the camera in an active state. Without those settings the Sony doesn't rise much above being a high tech gadget toy camera. Judging from the posts here, Sony understands their market base well.

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