Future transition to mirrorless

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Re: Future transition to mirrorless

Does shorter flange distance have effect on good wide angle lenses? Or will they be cheaper to make? Nikon already has a very good 14-24mm and Canon also has fairly good TS-E 17mm and EF 14mm.

Just adding a comment here that "zoom" UWA lenses are not a replacement for a prime unless they have as short a minimum FOCUS distance, (ala less than 6").

One of the options with a CLOSE-FOCUSING UWA is shooting very close to things like hood-ornaments and the perspective-distortion of the car behind it. (Or making someone's hand/foot look hugh.)

I used to use a (FF) 14mm in food-photography for restaurant advertisements. With close-focusing on the "key-item" (steak, prime-rib, lobster, etc.), I could "highlight" that item, but still show the other condiments on the plate behind it. But I was only 6" from that key-item.

I fear we are losing that with the new prolifiration of "zoom" UWA without <6" focusing.
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