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Re: EVF lag times

JiminDenver wrote:

What is the lag between reality and the EVF?

I know in my 8080 and the 330 LV-A that there is a slight lag and for me it's critical in focusing manually. I don't have the luxury of a tripod and magnified live view for focusing. The wind is almost always blowing, the bugs are moving and I handhold. I rely on a half press of the shutter as I watch thru the OVF and snapping the shot just as the DOF is positioned where I want it. DOF in macro is slim and adding in lag is going to loose me a lot of shots.

The same is going to be true if I'm trying to tweak a birding shot or a wedding photo. AF may get it close but I still rock the focus ring for the focus I want, not what the camera thinks I want. A lag here will not be good either.

I have read some very complementary statements about the new VF-4 and manual focusing  I assume something like the VF-4 will be used in the  EM-1.  These comparisons tend to be VF-2 and VF-3 versus the VF-4.  There has been some progress over the past few years.

Whether or not EVF will ever me your needs and the needs of others in your niche is something I sure don't know.  I think Collin wrote something about this last week and you may have been involved as well.

The way the world is moving there may only be one or two makers that provide OVF in five years or so.  These might be very special niche cameras---niche meaning a gazillion dollars per copy.

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