Future transition to mirrorless

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Re: Future transition to mirrorless

If Canon were to create a full-frame mirrorless camera, I would put my money on a new mount. There is a big advantage with wide-angle lenses, which no longer have to be retrofocal if the flange distance is smaller. There's no reason they couldn't use the same electrical contacts, allowing a simple and cheap pass-through adapter to convert to EF.

I would expect that lens design would take a split with a new mount. Normal and telephoto lenses could be designed with EF mount, since you could use them with an adapter on the new mount. Wide-angle lenses made for the new mount would be smaller and better, but wouldn't work on EF. There would probably be a period where long lenses were made in EF and wide-angles made in both mounts, and as time passed and the new mount gained market share (or not!) EF lenses would become more rare.

This of course applies to other manufacturers as well; just substitute the appropriate mount type.

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