Future transition to mirrorless

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Re: Future transition to mirrorless

I notice you're referring to Canon, but mirror-less is obviously wider than Canon.  It already includes every DSLR manufacturer.  I would expect every one of them to extract the maximum benefit from their existing mounts in order to contain costs and retain existing customers.  However, I would also expect them to shift to new mounts if there's a sound engineering and economic case for it.

There's no question of 'if' or 'whether'.   Sony, Fuji, Canon and Nikon have already made new mounts for their mirror-less products - the NEX, X, Nikon 1 and EOS M mounts respectively.  They'll offer still other new mounts in future if the potential for different diameters and registration distances makes their cameras more competitive.  (I'm not arguing their relative merits now - my point is that manufacturers are prepared to invest in new mounts for new formats if they need to.)

To assist the legacy glass user and to avoid short term gaps in their lens range, they can and already do offer adapters to take their own legacy glass.  Canon, Nikon and Sony have done exactly that for their EOS M, Nikon 1 and NEX systems.  Yes, the adapters sometimes have limitations.

Embarking on a new mount isn't a simple matter,  but don't under estimate their capability to design them and tool up to do so.  Nikon is running two mounts, Canon two still platforms plus video systems, Sony ditto, Fuji one still platform and multiple film & video systems, Pentax three still (and used to run four) formats.  They're all experienced at multi-format manufacture and they'll follow the business opportunities.......

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