Future transition to mirrorless

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Re: Future transition to mirrorless

ogrec wrote:

I'd like you to share your thoughts on what might happen to lenses now available if the transition happens sometime in the future. Canon once designed a completely new mount which made a lot of people angry. Do you think history will repeat itself or that they'll keep EF mount and lens design we have today? Right now i see no reason not to keep EF, even if DSLRs become think of the past, but i dont know much about technology behind it.

Canon will not replace the EF mount unless there is a very good reason, because, as you say, it would make a lot of existing Canon users very angry because they would need to replace all their existing lenses.

I can't see any reason good enough to get them to introduce a replacement for EF in the foreseeable future, but it is always rash trying to predict too far ahead. If we look at history, Canon have had quite a large number of different lens mounts in the past 70 years: S, R, FL, FD and EF. Even now, the EF mount is really a family of mounts in that not every lens is usable on every camera body (although it may be physically possible to mount it). I think Canon is much more likely to extend that idea as far as it can before replacing the EF mount with something completely new.

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