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Re: (Galaxy S4/iPhone 5) vs (Nokia 808, 1020)

bigley Ling wrote:

Si14 wrote:

I checked some video samples and it shows the advantage of the Nokia ones over Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5.

Here is a comparison of Nokia Lumia 920 (which is even older than 808/1020) vs iPhone 5:


This one compares the above Nokia one with Galaxy S3:


The difference and image quality is significantly higher in the Nokia one. I assume Nokie 808 and 1020 are even higher than the Nokia 920 which is shown above.

I have two question from the people having 808 or 1020:

1- How is the battery life? If you capture video and shoot image, how the battery consumption changes?

2- Does Nokia 808 have optical image stabilization similar to 920 and 1020?

3- Is Nokia 808 or 1020 capable of:

-creating HDR (without post processing)?


-time lapse?

HDR time lapse? (Something similar to the following):


808 battery life is very good, alot better than alot of newer smart phones. Recording video I usually get just over 1 hour before I get the low battery symbol. Shooting images seems much more economical on the power, but using the xenon flash will deplete the battery quicker.

The 808 has no optical stabilization and depends on software stabilization for make videos smooth. Digital stabilization is not only less effective compared to optical stabilization but also the quality is compromised slightly whne it is enabled.

The 808 is capable of creating HDR like images from a single exposure but it requires post processing, you can -1EV an image capture, then recover shadow detail with programs like PhotoFX or Photproc which are 3rd party apps available for the Nokia 808. SO no the 808 cannot do HDR realtime.

Yes the 808 can do panoramas, but depending on the scene, results are not always perfect.

The nokia 808 built in app has an excellent time lapse feature, which most will be extremely satisfied with.

No there is no HDR time lapse for the 808

there is a HDR app for 808...


also you can stabilise 808 video in postprocessing

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