Future transition to mirrorless

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Re: Future transition to mirrorless

You are right to raise the issue of a possible mount change as has happened with the introduction of the short registration distance in the Sony NEX series. Sony have coped with some issues by also providing an an adapter which accepts older lenses.

It is always a problem for manufacturers when some radical new design feature is introduced , how do they retain compatibility with older cameras, lenses & accessories ?

In the short term Mirrorless has to compete with existing equipment or peacefully co-exist by providing some advantage in terms of size & convenience. Until now one drawback to Mirrorless has been relatively slow & less reliable  auto focussing but recent improvements may well narrow the gap.

The Mirrorless designs offer the possibility of smaller size & greater portability but small cameras do not provide a good match with conventional lens designs particularly in the longer focal lengths & for that reason small mirrorless cameras will never totally replace larger DSLRs in the short term but could establish a comfortable niche in the market until some revolutionary breakthrough makes smaller lenses possible.

If Mirrorless mimics the size & format of conventional DSLRs in order to increase compatibility with large lenses then they will have to stand up to a more ruthless comparison & any deficiency may well be seen as a deal breaker. In such a scenario existing conventional DSLRs will be seen as the de-facto standard & as such could have an advantage ?

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