Want to buy a phone for camera..

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Re: Want to buy a phone for camera..

seeblue wrote:

Which comes first for you, the smartphone or the camera? If it's the smartphone, you need to figure out which ecosystem and operating system you prefer. You'll figure that out by spending a FEW HOURS off and on in the store playing with the phones.

Then to get the best camera for the ecosystem and operating system you prefer, you'll need to buy a near or top-of-the-line model.

I prefer iOS and an iPhone. As far as the camera (I've got a 4S), it's quite controlled and competent. Out of the box, images are conservatively sharpened, colors are moderate and accurate, noise is moderate in good light. In regular use, it's predictable and repeatable. I get consistent results. In that sense, you get a feel for it's strengths and weaknesses and compensate accordingly. Images look similar on my phone and desktop monitor. Images need little to no "work" unless you want to.

As noted earlier above, the photography software catalog in the App Store is endless.

No cameraphones is a substitute for a real camera, IMO. If the camera is first, buy a real camera. Smartphone cameras fill a niche by their convenience/immediacy, portability, and ease of use (up/downloading/posting/processing).

I too have a 4s and it does a good job on the photographic side (although not as good as the iPhone 5 and not even close to the 808 or 1020).

I have the iPhone because of its stability and great apps as my phone is my business tool.

On the other hand, the 1020 camera is fantastic and the windows platform is getting more mature and feature rich as time goes on. My contract is over in a year and at that time i will decide on what to do, I'm sure the 1020 will have an upgrade as will the iPhone, so we are in for some exciting times photographically speaking !


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