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Re: iPhone and file formats

Jeff Peterman wrote:

Alupang wrote:

With the Nok 808, it automatically "saves as" upon every edit so your original full res JPG is perserved. So no need for TIFF, even when doing multiple edits in-cam.

But that doesn't help! If you save the original JPG (call it File 1), then later open it, edit it and save it (File 2), that second file will have worse JPG artifacts than the first. If you then open the second file, make additional edits and save it (File 3) the JPG artifacts can be a real problem - especially if the software doesn't give you any control over the compression settings. If you save the second, and subsequent, files as a TIF file (or some other loss less format), the JPG artifacts never get worse than those in the original image.

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I dont save file 1, the camera does when i press shutter. So does iphone or any other cam without raw capability. So tiff just preserves that JPG.

Any further PP eventually requires one more save into JPG for final product. Unless of course you wish to share tiffs...not practicable.

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