Why Are Pentax with Prime Selection Grabbing Some of Mirrorless Market?

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Re: The problems as I see it.... Pentax, or is it Ricoh

Wheatfield wrote:

Richard wrote:

The problem with Pentax is 2 things, first, no path to FF.

One could equally say that neither Canon or Nikon have an upgrade path to 645,

True, they don't. But the 645 and Pentax in general are niche market and not mainstream, we were discussing if they have a great system, why is it not competing?

So while it has potential, I can see why it is not a major player. That does not mean it is not a good camera or choice for entry level, it just mean it will probably not sell the the masses or to the advanced amateur or pro, so it is relegated to a niche market.

The problem with Pentax has more to do with the conservative nature of the owners up until they were bought by Hoya. They were, in the early 1960s the dominant player in the camera market, and stayed competitive up until auto focus SLRs. They fell behind in the performance categories that marketing likes, though their lenses were the best you could get from Japan.

That explains part of the issue

For the past 30 years they have been late to market and always somewhat behind technologically. Interestingly, they were one of the first companies to show a full 35mm frame format DSLR, but it didn't make it to market due to poor sensor performance. It was the same sensor that killed Contax and Kyocera.

That is too bad. I think that would have made for even better competition if they would have succeeded.

Some of Pentax's lenses are more expensive, others are less expensive than their competition's lenses, but their lens line up is unique and unmatched by any other manufacturer. The system is perfectly usable for professional work, full frame or not. If full frame mattered that much, no one would be buying 4/3 format.

And m43 is declining in sales, which is another post.

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