I may be rethinking my GX7 preorder

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Her IBIS test was worthless, and showed operator error

First of all, she did not even use the camera at speeds where the IBIS would be likely to be effective - say, speeds of 1/8th and 1/15th of a second. Her SINGLE shot at 1/5th of a second was ALMOST useable - which implies that 1/8th probably would have been. That would imply a useable benefit of ~ 2 stops of shutter speed benefit. Which, while not 5-axis class effective, is typical of the 2-axis implementations that Olympus and others have produced - and would still be a very nice and quite useful compliment to in-lens IBIS that all of Panasonic's telephotos offer.

Second of all, shutter vibration manifests differently at different shots, across a probability distribution. Taking one shot at a not particularly useful range of speeds, tells us very little, other than that the IBIS is not in the 5-axis OM-D class - but we already knew that. A USEFUL test would have been to have taken SEVERAL shots at each speed, at speeds ranging from ~1/100th down to maybe 1/4 second. And compare the shots with and without IBIS turned on. Ideally, with a range of lenses as well. Only then could we actually know how good the IBIS actually is. But if in fact it's good for 2 stops of improvement, which is what we'd expect - her faulty and worthless test methodology would never have shown it.

As for the viewfinder - one suspects from her comments about squinting, that she did not have the diopter adjustment properly set - rendering her entire commentary useless again. She also did not compare it to any reference camera WITH a built-in EVF, only to the best add-on EVF out there. Not really a worthwhile comparison, even if the diopter setting was correct.  And finally, the way she held the camera in some of the shots implies that she does not even generally compose on a viewfinder in the first place - which again renders her comments on this matter worthless.

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