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If Native m4/3 then discussion belongs in the other forum

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Like many people on this site I have been waiting to see what Olympus come up with in September. The talk for the past 6 months (or longer) has been about an E-7, or a hybrid, or nothing.

I have been reading here and at the FT Rumors site speculation that the new camera OMD is really a m4/3 camera that will utilize the existing adapters. Granted these are rumors, but I have to say a was a bit disappointed as I read the rumors Previously, I considered the term "hybrid" to mean both m4/3 and 4/3 would be native. An adapter seems to at least dilute that expectation. Rationally, I realize that an adapter is probably the most cost-effective way around the problem. It has been fun to read some of the speculation of how Olympus could overcome this challenge (some it sounded fantastic and very expensive to me).

The price is expected to be about 1,500 Euros (I assume that works out to $1,500 in the US market), which while not cheap, is more modest that I expected (I was thinking $2k) --but then it requires an adapter.

I can't say I play to rush out to buy one if it requires an adapter.

How do people feel about this--the balance of expectations, the adapter, and price?

If/when  it's confirmed by Olympus to be  a m4/3 camera with an adapter then IMO all discussion of it should be conducted in the other forum.
I would not like to see this place become another OM-D centric discussion forum like it did early last year.

As for buying one, I just might keep shooting with my E-5 and E-30 a while longer and wait for the 2015 model.


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