How many cameras and lenses since the D300

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Re: How many cameras and lenses since the D300

Thanks for the welcome Roger: the D300 was, and still is a sensational camera. From the moment I picked it up in the store it just felt right. And it has rewarded me with countless fabulous captures over the years. When I think about it, it's hard to believe I have had that camera for the number of years I have. Like most people on this page I have waited patiently for the D400. And although many have criticised Nikon for not producing something new by now, perhaps Nikon has the timing right. The D300/s has been such a spectacular success it's difficult to see any burning justification for replacing it. If there is one thing patently wrong with the Digital age perhaps it's this crazy redundancy cycle where we see camera bodies updated with the latest and greatest every couple of years. From where I sit, though, often the latest is not necessarily all that 'greatest'. The main hook appears to be to encourage people to step up from a lower specced camera rather than simply update to the current model. Such was the quality and capability-set of the D300/s perhaps Nikon's view was that it would take care of itself while the company invested effort in developing the FX product. Whatever the case, I'm sure the D400 will be a spectacular unit. I, for one, will be very keen to see it when they finally take the covers off it. As for my burgeoning kit...yes you are right...plenty of growth: and all because of the D300. Cheers - Kevin

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